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Brush Manufacturing

The first step in the production of high quality brushes starts with the hair selection. Depending on the use and requirements of the brush the right material must be chosen. There are different qualities that must be considered. Some brushes need to absorb well but still retain spring and elasticity in performance. The softness of the hair may be a critical consideration as well.

The brush hair is prepared by professionals who clean, arrange and separate the hair into the correct lengths for each size.

Each brush has a certain length requirement and a certain weight of hair requirement.

The hair is then put into a round metal ferrule like device with the hair all being entered in a one way direction and into the desired shape. Several steps are required to complete this process.













The hair is tied at the bottom to secure this
desired form.


The next step is most difficult. The bundled hair must be placed exactly into the ferrule which is permanent housing for the brush head. The hair bundle, with the hair end tips first, is pushed through the bottom of the ferrule and brought out the opposite end.


It is now critical the hair not be brought out too far as you cannot push it back. Too much exposed hair will require the brush maker to start again.

The hair in the ferrule is now fixed with a special glue which will glue the hair together as well as glue the hair to the side of the ferrule. A special glue machine is used as this gluing process must be done quickly and accurately.

After the glue sets the brush head is now cleaned and adjusted to remove any crooked hairs or stray hairs. Only the top professional brush makers do this work. This is a critical step in the quality control of each brush.





The brush heads are now attached to the handles by a special crimping machine.

Finally each brush is coated with Gum Arabic and formed into its exact final shape. When the Gum Arabic dries, the brush head will be stiff and safe for shipping.


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